All our people have a drive to solve problems; an ambition to make clients happy and a determination to succeed where others have failed. 

We’ll be anywhere you need us to be, fast, and we’ll always get the job done.

Meet our senior team }

Chief Executive Officer

Yaseen founded NSC in 1997 based on one simple principle: big companies need someone they can trust to manage their global IT, so they don’t have to. Someone who’s not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to deliver a real commercial advantage.


Now overseeing the business in his role as CEO, Yaseen ensures everything about us embodies his expert, agile and entrepreneurial spirit.


Chief Financial Officer

Sonny has a background in supporting and managing change in the Digital, Tech, and Media sectors both locally and internationally. 


Having spent 20 years driving growth and adding value in these fast moving sectors he brings his great experience to NSC as our CFO. 


Sonny is a high energy, focused finance professional who enjoys driving innovation and oversees everything from finance to logistics and human capital. 


Chief Commercial Officer

After graduating from European Business School, Sascha entered Corporate Finance where he successfully led several technology companies to IPO.


Having spent the last 15 years in senior IT Management positions, Sascha now leads our sales operations, marketing and business strategy from across the pond in the US.


NSC was founded by Yaseen with a vision to disrupt the IT services industry.
He believed large companies needed a partner they could trust to manage their global IT and deliver real commercial advantage. One that's not afraid to roll up their sleeves and over-deliver.
We begin servicing our first major clients in PWC and Arthur Andersen.
We are made a Cisco Gold Partner due to our outstanding client service record.
We win Accenture (good news for everyone except the people at Lloyds Bank who are upset we no longer use our overdraft).
We become Cisco’s first ever Enhanced Partner.
AT&T honours us for Outstanding Performance in Creative Cost Management Solutions.
Another Outstanding Performance honour from AT&T. 1 of 5 chosen from 5,000 suppliers. We must be doing something right.
As our clients' needs grow internationally, our ability to serve globally grows with them. Our US team grows to more than 1,000 people.
We have thousands of people, working all over the world. Wherever our clients need us, we're there.
Key facts


We put our clients first

We’re determined

We work with a small number of world-class enterprises so we can provide the highest quality of service to each of them. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and we don’t give up if it gets difficult. We always, always find a way to solve their challenges.

We over-deliver

We exceed targets and expectations whenever possible, because your success is our success.

We look for added value

We look for added value in everything. We’re proactive and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Whatever it is, if we can make your life easier, consider it done.

We value our people

Yaseen Khan, our CEO, founded NSC with the aim of providing world-class customer service to a small number of global companies.

Today we have thousands of people who share that philosophy, with the drive to solve problems, get things done and make our clients happy.

And we know that happy people are effective people – so we train and treat our teams well, we incentivise and we make sure every one of our 26 global offices is a great place to work.

We support a range of charities

As part of our goal to always do more and always go further, we try to do our bit with a number of different charities to help those who are really in need.

Houses to Homes


So far we’ve built four homes in Guatemala and provided the families with water filters and groceries for a whole year.

We also set up a 7th grade in the local school – providing additional teachers and helping the children extend their educations.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)


With our support the LLS was able to develop an innovative new chemotherapy drug for patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – one of the most difficult to treat blood cancers.

Shown to have an efficacy rate close to 3 times that of similar treatments, this drug could really help save lives.

The Prince’s Trust


Last year, we helped advise several young entrepreneurs and awarded seed funding to their promising start-ups.

Five of our team also raised donations by taking part in the Palace to Palace cycle ride – and so far we’ve helped educate 20 young people about starting and running their own businesses.

The Open University OpenLearn

AboutUs OpenLearn on tablet copy.png

We believe in supporting the next generation of business talent in a way that opens up opportunities to everyone. This is why we support the Open University's OpenLearn who address the skills gap through open, online learning.

NSC is supporting the development of OpenLearn in order to reach new audiences through new course content, develop mobile delivery to hard-to-reach audiences globally and creating social media communities to support learning.