केस स्टडी

जब हम आपके साथ हो
तो समझिये कि काम हो गया

हम हर तरह की व्यापारिक समस्याओं को हल करते हैं।

बड़ी, छोटी, लंबी, थोड़ी, दूर वाली, पास वाली, स्टाफ वाली, गियर वाली।

नीचे कुछ ऐसे काम दिए गए हैं, जो हमने हाल ही में किए हैं...

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Skyrocketing costs? We’ll bring them down to earth


One of the world’s largest telecoms companies was struggling to hire and retain skilled IT staff for its two European network operation centres (NOCs).



The results

• We lowered operating costs by more than $2 million in the first year


• We successfully provided 160 skilled staff across both NOCs


• We reduced the NOC human resource requirements by more than 30%


• We guaranteed provision of high-quality staff, with recognised accreditations


• We introduced the flexibility to both quickly scale up or scale down staff as required

Inefficient processes? We'll efficiently sort them out


With more than 3,000 suppliers worldwide, this international provider of IT solutions asked us to help them reduce costs and increase efficiencies.



The results

• We provided more than €20 million in savings over 3 years


• We reduced the original 3,000 suppliers by 98%


• We brought a saving of €3 million a year by consolidating spare stock globally


• We saved an additional €2 million by selling surplus stock


• We achieved further multi-million dollar savings by improving service reliability and reducing client management requirements

Case study 3 - TECHNOLOGY
Unhappy customers? We'll make them smile again


Unhappy with the quality, structure and staffing of its key North American service desk, this international IT services provider asked us to streamline the service.



The results

• We achieved or exceeded every service level target


• We brought about six-figure savings in the first year alone


• We raised overall customer satisfaction to 96.7%


• We reduced staff attrition from 40% to 26%  


• We dramatically cut the time taken to fill vacancies