Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement


NSC Group Plc (company number: 04108244) and NSC Global Ltd (company number: 03303053)
(the "Companies")


Background to the NSC organisation

The NSC Group ("NSC") is a multi-national technology services and infrastructure provider that helps international clients solve their challenges across 180 countries. NSC has grown consistently since 1998 and now employs close to 2000 staff across 25 regional offices that span every continent with staff speaking over 40 languages. NSC's clients are larger organisations that require a capable and trusted partner to solve challenging technical, process and cost concerns efficiently.

NSC Group Plc is a holding company whose main activity is to invest in and hold shares in other group entities in the UK and overseas.

NSC Global Ltd is the main UK operating company which employs approximately 220 staff in the UK.

The turnover of both of NSC Group Plc and NSC Global Ltd is above £36m, so each are required to produce a modern slavery transparency statement for their financial years ended 31 October 2016.

Commitment to Combating Modern Slavery

NSC recognises that slavery and human trafficking are serious crimes which all of us have a responsibility to combat. It welcomes the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is committed to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking do not occur in its own organisation or supply chains.

This is the first financial year for which the Companies have been required to produce a Statement. The board recognises that the Companies are at the beginning of their investigations and they seek to make yearly improvements on the steps they are taking to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in the organisation.

Steps taken to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not occuring within NSC's organisation

• NSC checks that its employees have the right to work in the UK upon commencement of their employment.

• All employees are paid at least the applicable local minimum wage.

• All employees have an employment contract which sets out their salary, main place of work, working hours and notice period.

• Employees are free to hand in their notice to leave the employment of the company for any reason.

• NSC does not keep its employees' original documentation such as passports, ID cards or driving licences.

Steps taken to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not occuring within NSC's supply chain

• Most of NSC's suppliers sign its standard terms and conditions for suppliers, which state that suppliers must comply with all applicable laws.

• The suppliers who do not sign NSC's standard terms and conditions for suppliers are usually professional service providers such as lawyers and accountants, with whom NSC contracts on the terms in the supplier's engagement letter and in relation to whom the risk of slavery and modern trafficking is low.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Whistleblowing Policy

NSC has policies to support and reinforce its commitment to ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in its supply chains.

• NSC's anti-bribery and corruption statement defines corruption as "the misuse of public office or power for private gain; or misuse of private power in relation to business outside the realm of government." The statement encourages employees to take steps to decrease the risk of NSC being complicit in misuse of power, such as completing risk assessments, maintaining accurate records and putting in place effective monitoring and internal controls.

• NSC's anti-bribery and corruption statement states that employees have a responsibility to speak up in accordance with the whistle blowing policy if they have concerns about wrongdoing. The whistleblowing policy sets out how staff can raise concerns about illegal activity, and states that a member of staff investigating a disclosure should escalate their concerns if there is any evidence of criminal activity {which would include discovery of instances of slavery or human trafficking).

Board Approval

This Statement has been reviewed and approved by the board of directors of NSC Group Plc and NSC Global Ltd by way of a board resolution signed by all the directors of each company on 29 January 2018, for the financial year of the Companies ended 31 October 2016.